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Heart and Soul

For you, once a day <3

18 February
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So uh... HAY THERE.

I could use this space to tell you about myself. I COULD use this space to tell you about my journal. But, if I used it to do either, I'm sure a rabid squad of super-amoebas would come and feast on my neurons. And I love my neurons too much to risk that happening.

Honestly, the only reason I've started one of these (if by "started", you mean "glomped onto a friend's") is because I'm tired of the fanfiction.net scene. It's gotten stagnant, and were I the composer of the internet, I'd consider creating a long, complicated game that seriously screwed with the perceptions of everyone involved to decide what should be done with it. SO!

I welcome you to this page.

::By reading this, you have agreed not to sue when/if you contract Ebola Zaire::