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January 2011

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[43]: For more reasons than there are atoms in the universe...

Day 43: September 30, 2010:

My, my, it's almost the end of September. I can't believe that, you know? I would say that time is flying by, but it's also being quite slow about it- weird how our perception does that, no?

Today, I got my memoir back, got an A on it, the usual good news XD And in neurobio, we almost got the test moved to Thursday, but some dipshits were worried about the football game mehmehmeh. Probably because they wanted to stay up late, be drunk, and not have to take a test. Because of them, we couldn't have all of the material, and what material we did have we had to go through superfast. If I could find one of the people who protested, I'd slap them with sharp words. But that was only a small detractor from the day, the rest of it has been pretty awesome. I mean, for a profile assignment in Comp, I actually did one on Kirie XD No one understood. It was great.

I hope you get this when you wake up~ I'll probably be in Orgo when you do. I hope you had a wonderful rest cycle, full of beautiful dreams~ I always wish I could do that, y'know? Vivid dreams. The only time my dreams are vivid is when it's a nightmare. Besides that, they only come through in waves. I do have to say that the most amazing dreams I've had included you- the ones where we were together.

I can't wait for the day when we don't have to worry about Skype disconnects. When it will be like those two weeks~ Being with each other with no evil monitors to act as blockades. Also, with only one evil Monitor to kill Johnson. Some things are just unavoidable, thanks to Bungie's storyline department.

I digress. I just realized that over there, it just hit our 11 month. Happy Arbitrary Number of Months Anniversary! That leaves only one until our one-year~ I'm really excited for that, because I want to do something super amazing for you~ I've got a bunch of ideas. I plan to choose one that I can perfect- something that will be incredible and beautiful. I can't wait to see you smile~

I love you, my perfectly imperfect you~